Mixto Musicworks! is the Film & TV Scoring division at Mixto Music.

Led by Chief Composer Rubén Albarrán, best known for for his work as Cafe Tacuba´s lead singer, Mixto Musicworks! brings a vast network of talented musicians to cater pretty much any LatinAmerican music style at the highest creative level.




Our goal is very simple ... to create music that tells a story, always supporting a message, always being innovative.

Our composers and producers are maestros in this craft as they are some of the most influential composers, producers and musicians in the latin music scene today.

Beat by beat, scene by scene, we know that every detail in the picture will make a great impact . Music is not only the notes you play but also the ones you don’t.  





J. Carlos Maya

Music Supervisor & Partner

Carlos is a music supervisor, composer and sound designer with over 15 years of experience. Over all of these years he has created music for countless campaigns and his expertise in creating music and lyrics that are both catchy and relevant can be heard in a great number of spots for brands such as AT&T, Nissan, JCPenney and Mercedes Benz among many others.

Besides music, food is his great passion so you can easily find him either eating ramen noodles in Brickell, fresh-made “arepas” in Doral or “carnitas” in Little Havana.



Chief Composer, Content Curator & Partner

To say that he is one of the most creative minds in the latin entertainment industry would be an understatement. As the lead singer of multi-award winning latin rock act Café Tacuba, he’s got more recognition that you can probably imagine ... and for the right reasons. As an earth-explorer (as he likes to call himself), he is determined to discover as many cultural jewels as he can, from indigenous songs to hidden natural oasis, and he is been doing a hell of a job there.

In his free time he likes to serve as a voice for the underprivileged as well as an activist for any cause dedicated to protect our planet. He’ll even pick up any piece of garbage you leave behind so you better watch out!




Director of Business Development  & Partner                                              

Miguel is a seasoned entrepreneur of Mexican Origin. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment, communications and logistic industries, he’s created a reputation as “the man who makes things happen” mainly because ... well, he knows everybody, everywhere.

Don’t be afraid to ask for those hard-to-get tickets for that once-in-a-lifetime show ... he probably has a couple lying around his delightfully-disorganized desk.